The oil paintings are almost exclusively painted on canvas laid on board. This prevents any movement of the canvas due to climatic / weather changes, ensuring a stable surface with no cracking of paint. They areĀ  also less prone to damage, especially of tears and holes that are more likely on stretched canvas.

Works on paper, ie. watercolours, pastels,and drawings, are all painted on artist quality material. Of necessity, these paintings are framed and protected under glass.

The paint used on all paintings is Artist Quality Windsor and Newton, expensive, but well proven to be among the best for longevity and true colour. Even so, paintings should NOT be hung in strong light for extended periods of time.

In the same way that most of us look better with clothes on, so it is that [ in my humble opinion ] paintings look better appropriately framed. Frames have two principal functions — first to protect the work, and secondly,to “dress” it up. In dressing it up, it is necessary to ensure that the frame is not overly stated, not more attractive than the painting, but that it is in correct relationship to the painting.